Implementation of “Toshiba Group Global Environmental Action 2014”

[1 Apr, 2014]

Toshiba Group has designated June 5, which is World Environment Day, as the day for `Toshiba Group Global Environmental Action`, with the aim of creating a sense of unity among employees while allowing each of them to increase their environmental awareness, by bringing together the Group's entire global workforce of about 200,000 employees and getting individuals and sites around the world to take part in environmental actions at the same time. The first Global Environmental Action took place on June 5, 2013, in which we implemented a light down campaign under the unified theme of `saving energy.` Approximately three hundred and sixty Toshiba sites inside and outside Japan participated in this activity in which employees were encouraged to turn off the lights at production/business sites—as well as in their own homes—for one hour in the evening to increase their awareness of the importance of saving energy.

This year, which will be the second year of our Global Environmental Action, we are implementing environmental actions in line with region-specific environmental themes based on our new environmental management concept `T-COMPASS` . Also, setting April 1 as the start date, approximately two months has been fixed for implementing environmental actions.

Towards reaching its goal of becoming one of the world's foremost eco-companies by 2015, Toshiba Group defined its 5th Environmental Action Plan in June, 2012. The plan includes promotion of ‘Global Environmental Action' as a means to tackle global environmental issues. Toshiba Group will continue to promote `Global Environmental Action` to further raise environmental awareness among Group employees and strengthen relationships with local communities.

[Image] Toshiba Group A Day of Grobal Environmental Action」

Photos of last year's light down campaign

[Image] Posters of the event

[Image] Eco-quiz & lucky draw

[Image] Toshiba (Australia) Pty., Ltd.

[Image] Hangzhi Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd.

[Image] Toshiba Group employees and their family members were encouraged to turn off lights on the same day in their homes.

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