Preventing Contamination and Reducing Contamination Risks

In order to prevent contamination with chemical substances and reduce contamination risks, Toshiba Group independently established the Structural Design Guidelines to prevent leaks of chemicals at its eight types of environment-related facilities (including wastewater treatment plants), and its overseas sites are also promoting continuous improvements in this area. In FY2022, Toshiba Group achieved a compliance rate of 98.1% in Japan and 98.4% overseas.

In its overseas operations, at the time of establishing a new business or relocating a business, Toshiba Group also assesses contamination risks by investigating land use and contamination histories. Assessments are made in accordance with laws and regulations in each country, and Toshiba Group's own rigorous standards are applied in countries without relevant legislation.

As an effort to prevent contamination, Toshiba Group also conducts environmental assessments when investing in equipment and modifying or relocating equipment in order to confirm and examine whether laws and regulations as well as the “Structural Design Guidelines” are being complied with in advance.

Rate of compliance with the Structural Design Guidelines (FY2022)