Message from the Executive in Charge of Environment

We are beginning to restore our lives to the way they were before the COVID-19 outbreak. However, CO2 emissions around the world begun to rise again as the economy recovers, so we must not cease taking measures to address global-scale environmental issues.

I believe that sustainability is the ideal state. As our philosophy, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future.", which is the long standing Basic Commitment of Toshiba Group, on the premise that our society and corporate management will be sustainable 10, 20 years from now and beyond, we are facing a variety of challenges, such as achieving carbon neutrality, transition to a circular economy, marine plastics, water risks, and biodiversity conservation. To promote environmental management by facing these challenges is our sustainability and the ideal state.

The Environmental Future Vision 2050, which Toshiba Group formulated in FY2020, is a guide to achieving the ideal state. We will promote our efforts in the three areas: response to climate change, response to the circular economy, and consideration of ecosystems, which are also identified as the materiality of Toshiba Group, through activities with not only Toshiba Group employees but also the Group’s stakeholders. This will build infrastructure that everyone can enjoy and a connected data society, and Toshiba Group aims to create enriched value and ensure harmony with the earth. We would greatly appreciate your continued cooperation and support.

Response to climate change
Toshiba Group aims to achieve carbon neutrality at our production sites and offices by FY2030 and in the entire value chain by FY2050. In addition to actively undertaking initiatives to reduce GHG emissions within Toshiba Group by investing in energy-saving equipment and introducing renewable energy facilities, we will enhance the sustainability of its businesses and society by providing products, technologies, and services that contribute to reducing GHG emissions by considering the social trend toward carbon neutrality of society at large to be a major business opportunity.

Response to the circular economy
In order to sustain the economy while protecting the global environment with limited resources, we will aim to achieve a circular economy. While promoting the effective use of resources in both business activities and products and services, we aim to decouple resource consumption and environmental impacts from economic activities. In active collaboration with relevant parties, such as industry associations, government agencies, and other companies, we will pursue a circular economy business model.

Consideration of ecosystems
As countries around the world are launching strategies that support the achievement of “Nature Positive” to stop the loss of biodiversity and put biodiversity on a recovery track, Toshiba Group also will contribute to realizing a society in which people live in harmony with nature and continue to enjoy the blessings of ecosystems by promoting efforts to address “water risks” such as floods and droughts, which are becoming more serious around the world, and “conservation of biodiversity.”