Increased Amount of Resources Saved in Products

In FY2021, the total volume of resources used in Toshiba Group's major products, estimated by multiplying the weight of products and packaging materials by the number of truck shipments, was approximately 110,000 tons. In FY2022 onward, we will continue to promote design that will reduce resource consumption in all kinds of products toward increasing the volume of resources saved.

Amount of resources saved (cumulative total)

Amount of resources saved by business segment (FY2021 (cumulative total))

* Calculated by comparison with the previous product models adjusting for the expected number of years of use.

Case: LED Studio Light “UNI-SOL”

Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

In recent years, LED lighting equipment has become widely used to save energy. However, many special-purpose lighting still use conventional light source products, and studio light with 575 W metal-halide lamp are generally used for shooting of movies and TV programs. Studio lights, due to their purpose, need to be small size and lightweight. However, switching to LED light source with keeping same product size and brightness was challenging due to large housing. Focusing on the fact that studio lights are only used for a short time, the company commercialized the LED studio light “UNI-SOL” for shooting by optimization design of LED lifetime and brightness. With the same brightness, half the luminaire weight, four-fold light source lifetime (compared to metal-halide lamps), and no mercury, UNI-SOL is a great improvement over conventional products in both practicality and environment performance.
LED lighting equipment usually needs to be fully replaced when the light source reaches the end of life. On the other hand, UNI-SOL is designed as only LED light source replacement, is an environmentally-friendly lighting equipment with reducing waste by 90%.
This product was certified as an Excellent ECP* in FY2020.

* Our products and services that have the highest level of environmental performance in the industry at the time of release

UNI-SOL luminaire
Power supply unit

Case: Industrial inverter (VF-AS3J)

Toshiba Industrial Products and Systems Corporation

An inverter is a device that, in addition to contributing to energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction by controlling the motor speed, which enables the machine to operate efficiently, also contributes to resource saving by minimizing the current upon startup, which reduces the burden on the power supply and thus reduces the size of the power-receiving facility.
The new high performance inverter “VF-AS3J” that we started selling in 2019 reduces CO2 emissions during use by achieving a loss reduction of approximately 30% compared to our conventional model (VF-AS1). It is also an industry-leading* compact, lightweight model that compensates for the increased parts count due to the more advanced functionality in its main body with redesigned, highly integrated parts.
This product was certified as an Excellent ECP in FY2019.

* Comparison of models with the same functionality (as of October 2019)

Case: Small diameter downlights; small diameter universal downlight

Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

In recent years, demand for small diameter downlights and universal downlights has been increasing due to a boom in new condominium and hotel construction. Given this market environment, we have developed lighting equipment that supports construction that utilizes small-diameter lighting that has excellent workability for ceiling installation with a weight of 0.4 kg, an embedding hole diameter of 50 mm, and a height of 100 mm, featuring the industry's highest level of resource- and space-saving performance. This product is designed to significantly reduce glare when looking at the lighting equipment directly, offering a shielding angle (the angle at which the light-emitting face is seen) of more than 40°.
In addition, it realizes a high color rendering light that is close to that of natural light by achieving stable lighting (smooth dimming from 0% to 100%) in the low lumen domain*2 as a result of installing our unique GaN*1 power supply.
This product provides stable lighting with smooth dimming in hotel rooms and cafes, which have a relaxed atmosphere, and also contributes to effective use of resources by ensuring resource and space savings.
This product was certified as an Excellent ECP in FY2019.

*1 Gallium nitride

*2 Small current domain

Small diameter universal downlight
Realizing smooth dimming