Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines

It is essential to consider the environment throughout the entire supply chain to realize Toshiba Group's long term environmental vision “Environmental Future Vision 2050.” Toshiba Group gives high priority to promoting green procurement, which aims to procure products, parts, components, materials, services, etc. with minimal environmental impact from suppliers that proactively promote environmental management and is promoting green procurement countries around the world in cooperation with suppliers. The Guidelines present Toshiba Group's basic concept of green procurement and the specific content of our requests to suppliers.

Please download the PDF file from the following link to read the Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines.

Due to industry trends and other circumstances, the details of requests to suppliers may differ among Toshiba Group Companies or divisions, so please check the Green Procurement Guidelines issued by the office in charge of procurement of the relevant Toshiba Group company, division, operations, complex, factory, etc. who has transactions with you for details.

For the guidelines of Toshiba Group Companies or divisions, please see the link from below `Guidelines of Toshiba Group Companies and divisions.`

Toshiba Corporation has been recognized as a “Supplier Engagement Leader” in the Supplier Engagement Rating conducted by CDP, an international non-profit organization. The selection is based on Toshiba Group’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain.

【Guidelines of Toshiba Group Companies and divisions】The update is under progress to reflect Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines (Ver.8.0).

【Regarding evaluations and surveys conducted toward suppliers】

Toshiba Group is conducting following surveys to confirm the status of suppliers’ compliance with Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines. Through the results of these surveys, we are making efforts to deepen our cooperation with our business partners.

  1. Evaluation of suppliers' environmental management
    To strengthen partnerships with suppliers that are proactively engaged in environmental management activities, we periodically evaluate the status of environmental management activities by suppliers. We determine ranks based on the response results, and we prioritize procurement from suppliers who are rated highly. 
  2. Surveys of chemical materials/substances in supply items
    Prior to the approval of new procurement items from suppliers and judgment as to whether existing procurement items require substitution, we conduct surveys concerning the presence of the chemical materials/substances in procurement items. 
  3. Other surveys necessary to ensure "5.1 Promotion of environmental management in accordance with Toshiba Group's Procurement Standards" described in Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines (e.g. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Survey)