CDP Recognizes Toshiba as Supplier Engagement Leader for Efforts to Counter Climate Change throughout Value Chain

-- Company wins prestigious accolade for consecutive years --

March 22, 2024

TOKYO―Toshiba Corporation has been recognized as a Supplier Engagement Leader for the second year in a row in the Supplier Engagement Rating (“SER”) published by CDP*1, an international non-profit. 

SER selection is based on CDP’s annual corporate climate change action survey of companies around the world. It assesses their engagement with suppliers in promoting responses to GHG emissions and climate change strategies, in order to accelerate their efforts to reduce emissions in the global supply chain. The scope of the survey covers four key items: governance, targets, Scope 3 management, and supplier engagement.

Guided by the Basic Commitment of Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future,” Toshiba recognizes environmental initiatives as a top priority for corporate management. Toshiba Group aims to reduce GHG emissions by 70% throughout its  value chain by FY2030, against FY2019, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050*2.

Toward achieving these goals, Toshiba Group is promoting initiatives to reduce GHG emissions in its own business activities (Scope 1 and Scope 2) and also outside its business activities (Scope 3), where it concentrates on GHG emissions defined under Category 1 and Category 11 (emissions from purchased goods and services, and emissions from the use of products and services sold, respectively), two areas of Scope 3 where emissions are particularly large.

Toshiba Group’s effort to reduce Category 1 emissions include evaluations of environmental management for its suppliers, with their understanding and cooperation, in order to determine progress in addressing environmental issues defined in Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines*3, as substantially revised in 2022. SER’s evaluation of Toshiba recognizes efforts it has made to strengthen engagement with suppliers through this initiative.

Toshiba Group will continue to deepen cooperation with suppliers and to promote environmentally conscious initiatives throughout the supply chain, essential components of its efforts to realize carbon neutrality and a circular economy.

*1: CDP is an international non-profit organization established in the UK in 2000. It encourages companies to disclose their environmental impacts, and investors to recognize these efforts in their evaluations of companies. Its annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognized as the global standard for corporate environmental transparency.
*2: Defined in Toshiba Group's long-term environmental vision, "Environmental Future Vision 2050" revised in 2021.
*3: Toshiba Group Green Procurement Guidelines clearly state that Toshiba Group prioritizes transactions with suppliers who more actively promote environmental management in accordance with the procurement standards defined in connection with Environmental Future Vision 2050

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