Product/Technical Services

Distance Protection GRZ100

Product Overview

GRZ100 is a full-scheme, high-speed, numerical distance relay for application to transmission lines in solidly earthed networks. This well-proven product provides extremely high performance through its advanced numeric design, with full-scheme, phase-selective distance protection giving typically one-cycle operating times. Command protection schemes, back-up overcurrent, switch-on-to-fault and stub protections, out-of-step tripping and circuit breaker fail protection complete a powerful protection package.

Technical Description

Protection functions

  1. Time-stepped distance protection

  2. Zone 1 extension protection

  3. Distance protection using telecommunication
    - Permissive Underreach Protection (PUP)
    - Permissive Overreach Protection (POP)
    - Unblocking Overreach Protection (UOP)
    - Blocking Overreach Protection (BOP)

  4. Directional earth fault protection using telecommunication

  5. Switch-on-to-fault (SOTF) and stub protection

  6. Broken conductor detection

  7. Breaker failure protection

  8. Out-of-step trip protection

  9. Power swing blocking

  10. High-resistance earth fault protection

  11. Inverse-time overcurrent protection

  12. Definite-time overcurrent protection


Metering and recording functions

  1. Metering
    - Power system voltages, currents, power, frequency

  2. Recording
    - Event record
    - Fault record
    - Disturbance record

  3. Directional earth fault protection using telecommunication

  4. Calendar and Time
    - IRIG-B port for external clock

Autoreclose functions

  1. Single-shot autoreclose
    - single-phase / three-phase / single- and three-phase autoreclose

  2. Multi-shot autoreclose
    - three-phase autoreclose

Menu-driven human interfaces

  1. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display with operation keys
    - Relay setting and data display

  2. Personal computer (PC) interface
    - Relay setting
    - Recorded data display
    - Waveform analyzing

Automatic supervision

  1. Automatic monitor

  2. Periodic signal channel test (BOP scheme)

Fault detector (Option)

  1. Serial redundancy for tripping