Product/Technical Services

Breaker Failure Protection GRC100

Product Overview

GRC100 is a numerical breaker failure relay which issues a backup trip command to adjacent circuit breakers in the event that the original circuit breaker fails.

Technical Description

Protection functions

  1. Retrip function: original circuit breaker instantaneous / time-delayed retrip with / without an overcurrent check

  2. Backup trip: adjacent circuit breakers time-delayed trip when the original breaker fails to operate

  3. Phase segregated protection

  4. Applied for single busbar, double busbar and one-and-a-half breaker busbar systems


Metering and recording functions

  1. Metering
    - Power system currents

  2. Recording
    - Event record
    - Fault record
    - Disturbance record

  3. Calendar and Time
    - IRIG-B port for external clock

Menu-driven human interfaces

  1. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) display with operation keys
    - Relay setting and data display

  2. Personal computer (PC) interface
    - Relay setting
    - Recorded data display
    - Waveform analyzing

Automatic supervision

  1. Automatic monitor