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Distribution Range GRD100

Product Overview

GRD100 is a series of multi-function protection relays, providing a comprehensive range of protection functions for distribution power systems, or alternatively acting as back-up protection for transmission systems. There are 4 sub-groups within the GRD100 series.

  1. GRD110: Overcurrent protection for phase and earth faults.

  2. GRD130: Over-voltage and under-voltage protection.

  3. GRD140: Directional overcurrent relay with auto-reclose.

  4. GRD150: Feeder management system, combining protection and control functions and featuring a large mimic display.


Technical Description

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Features of Distribution System Protection

●:Standard ○:Model option

  GRD110 GRD130 GRD140 GRD150
50P/51P Phase Fault O/C
50N/51N Sensitive Earth Fault
37P Phase Undercurrent
49 Thermal Overload
46 NPS Overcurrent (IDMTL, DTL)
Broken Conductor
50BF Circuit Breaker Fail
Cold Load Protection
59 Phase O/V (IDMTL, DTL)
27 Phase U/V (IDMTL, DTL)
67 Directional Phase Fault O/C (IDMTL, DTL)
67N Directional Earth Fault O/C (IDMTL, DTL)
67N Directional SEF (IDMTL, DTL)
67/46 Directional NPS Overcurrent (IDMTL, DTL)
51V Voltage Controlled Overcurrent
81U/81O Under/Overfrequency
79 Autoreclose
25 Synchronism check
Fault Locator
CT Supervision
VT Supervision
Trip circuit supervision
Self supervision
CB State Monitoring
Trip Counter Alarm
Σ |y Alarm
CB Operate Time Alarm
Multi settings groups
Circuit Breaker Control and Monitoring
Disconnect Control and Monitoring
Earthing switch Control and Monitoring
MIMIC Display
Fault records
Event records
Disturbance records
Communication port RS232C, RS485/Opt (IEC60870-5-103)