Small-size series [model 2000]

This series is suited to small-size control systems for industries in general and for plant control systems.
The sequence control, loop control, and computer functions can be combined as desired for efficient achievement of your control purposes.

model 2000 image

Sequence control module (S2)

This module has high-speed sequence control functions.

High-speed processing

The S2 has a high-speed IEC language processor for processing basic commands at 80 ns. The main processor performs parallel processing of communications, etc. during user program execution so that total scan time, including overhead, can be sharply reduced.

Multitask function

Two or more different tasks can be executed in parallel. An optimum control cycle can be selected as appropriate to a control object or control details.

Realtime online trace function

Data is collected and saved at the same time as program execution after its command is given. Data online trace is possible while the program is being executed.

Computer link port provided

The S2 has an RS-485 port for communication with a touch-panel or a higher-level computer through a computer link.

Function Specifications List

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Function Specifications List
Model S2PU82 S2PU72D S2PU72A S2PU32A
Control Stored program cyclic scan
Scan Regular scan/floating scan
Input/output Batch refresh/direct refresh
Program capacity 64 k steps
(Batch Uploading Available.)
64 k steps
Station bus support Yes No
Memory Flash ROM+RAM
Program language LD, SFC, FBD, ST(VTool3 only)
Variables Local/global 128 k words 48 k words
Common register (S) 512 k words
Common register (D) 4 k words
Station global 1 k words -
I/O 3 k words
Index register 8 types
Execution speed Bit 40 ns/contact,
80 ns/coil
80 ns/contact, 160 ns/coil
Integer 40 ns/add
120 ns/multiple
80 ns/add 240 ns/multiple
Floating 200 ns/add
200 ns/multiple
400 ns/add 400ns/multiple
Computer link 1ch : RS485 (300 to 19.2kbps)
Transmission via station bus Ethernet , TC-net? -
via I/O bus TOSLINE?-S20 , TOSLINE?-F10 , DeviceNet , FL-net
Power backup Lithium battery
Power failure processing Calendar operation, AC interruption time memory, automatic program execution at power on
Self-diagnosis DC power check, expansion unit source voltage check, CPU/ROM/RAM check, I/O response check, I/O bus parity check, I/O status check, watchdog timer check, battery voltage check, illegal command detect
Duplex Yes
Yes - -

Loop control module (L2)

This module has full loop control functions.

High-speed loop control

Capable of controlling up to 96 loops with a program capacity of 128k steps on the shortest cycle of 10 ms.

Hyper PID installed

Toshiba's exclusive 2-degree-of-freedom hyper PID is installed for high-precision loop control in a broad range of applications, including boiler controller and combustion control.

Sequence control is also possible.

The international standard IEC61131-3 is employed as programming language. The L2 may be used not only for loop control but also for sequence control and batch control.

Connectable to TOSDIC-CIE

Tag meter variables used for the Integrated Controller systems TOSDIC-CIE 1200 and TOSDIC-CIE DS are available. Connection to OIS 1200/OIS-DS with Ethernet permits OIS display and setting.

Function Specifications List

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Function Specifications List
Model L2PU11 L2PU12 L2PU22
Max. No. of programs 512POU 2048POU
No. of loops/program capacity 32/128 k steps 96/128 k steps 96/128 k steps
Program processing speed 32 loops/125 ms 96 loops/375 ms 96 loops/375 ms
Scan cycle Ultra high speed 10 to 500 ms
High speed 10 to 500 ms
Main 100 to 10000 ms
Tag Indicator 128 288 768
Loop 32 96 256
Digital 128 288 1024
Sequence 16 48 128
Duplex Yes
(IF619 necessary)
(IF619 necessary)
(IF619 necessary)
Higher-level network support Ethernet (EN6**) Ethernet (FN611)
Support HMI OIS1200 OIS-DS

Computer module (C2)

This module has computer functions.

Compact, space-saving computer

The module, PC/AT compatible, has a keyboard I/F, mouse I/F, FDD I/F, Ethernet port, COM port, USB port, and PCMCIA slot. With the RAS function of industrial personal computers built in, the module may be used as a controller having a large-capacity HDD and memory. The compact body saves space in using the module as a personal computer to be built into a device.

High-speed CPU

The C2PU37 has the Pentium® III 500 MHz processor. The Ethernet port is good for 100 Mbps. The Windows® 2000 model has a USB port as a standard support feature.

I/O modules accessible

The C2 module has an I/O access driver as a standard feature for input to and output from parallel I/O modules. (*1) The module can be used not simply as a computer but also as a controller.
*1 Some I/O modules are not accessible by the computer module.

Automatic shutdown

The PS694 is available as power module for the C2. The PS694 has a built-in battery. If power fails during system operation, the operating system is automatically shutdown without power interruption. This protects the hardware and data from destruction without a no-break power supply (UPS)

Function Specifications List

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Function Specifications List
Model C2PU37
OS WindowsR2000 WindowsRXP No OS
CPU PentiumRIII 500 MHz
Memory 128/256 MByte
I/O units Keyboard, PS/2mouse
Auxiliary memory FDD External (I/F connector)
HDD HDD:30 GByte to (*1)
HDD:30 GByte to (*1)
FlashDisk:2 GByte
FlashDisk:512 MByte
External I/F RS-232C 1-channel, 9-pin D-SUB
Ethernet 1-channel, 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-Tx (automatically selected)
CRT I/F 1-channel, analog interface, 15-pin D-SUB
PCMCIA slot Cardbus/Type II 2 slots
USB 1 channel (Not supported depending on OS)
Switch Forced H/W reset, initialize NMI switch
Battery ER3V
RAS function WDT 512/128/2 ms
ECC DRAM space
Temperature sensor CPU temperature alarm
Voltage check Power failure detection, battery voltage alarm
  • *1 Ask for hard disk capacity when ordering.


A single unit may consists of up to three modules (S2, L2, C2). Each module has a common memory area, and data can be easily sent and received between modules as global variables through registering with the engineering tool. A multiple configuration of the same module permits high-speed distributed processing.

Basic system configuration


Parallel I/O and serial I/O are available.

Parallel I/O

Parallel I/O modules can be controlled from the S2, L2, and C2 modules. Up to 8 I/O modules can be installed in the base unit and in an expansion unit respectively. Up to 3 expansion units can be connected so that a total of 32 I/O modules can be controlled.

* Some I/O modules are not accessible by the computer module.

Parallel I/O module specifications

Intelligent serial PI/O

Intelligent serial PI/O can be controlled from the L2 module. Online swap that is essential to continuous deployment of meter control, I/O module duplex configuration, and duplex bus configuration ensure high reliability. The intelligence function responds to the diversity of signals from the field, making the PI/O module useful in a wide range of applications.

Intelligent serial PI/O module specifications

F series PI/O

The F series is the serial PI/O controllable from the L2 module. An analog I/O system permits presence of two or more different signals, using a signal condition for each signal and thus reducing I/O module loss. A digital I/O system employs OMRON I/O relay terminals (of the G7TC series), which help simplify signal wiring and raise installation efficiency. The F series PI/O can be mixedly installed with the conventional intelligent series PI/O, so your assets can be effectively made use of.



Ethernet is a surveillance control LAN used for connection to a higher-level HMI system. Ethernet modules of 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps are available. Transmission lines may be of single or dual configuration as desired to satisfy your needs for highly reliable transmission.

Specifications List

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Specifications List
Model EN611 EN621
EN631 EN641
EN651A EN661 FN611
Applicable standard 10 BASE5 10 BASE2 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T
Transmission rate 10 Mbps 100 Mbps/10 Mbps
Transmission line Single Dual Single Dual Single Dual Dual
(for OIS-DS connection)
Max. cable length 500 m 185 m 100 m (node-to-hub) 30 m (node-to-hub)
Types of transmission Point-to-point transmission
Multicast transmission
Broadcast transmission
Multi-host 4 modules maximum
Multi-port 4 ports maximum/module


This is a control LAN/field equipment network for use in transmission between V-series units and with PLC, drives, and various meters. Apart from message transmission, TOSLINE™-S20 is used for scan transmission by which data is periodically sent and received.

Specifications List

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Specifications List
Model SN621 SN622
Transmission rate 2 Mbps
Transmission topology Bus (coaxial) Bus (optical)
Transmission distance Coaxial cable: 1 km in overall lengthOptical fiber cable
1 km from station to stationOverall system length
10 km maximum
Transmission sequence Scan transmission Message transmission
Scan transmission capacity 1024 words


FL-net is a control LAN which permits connected to PLC, indicators, NC units, etc. of other makes that conform with the FL-net specifications. FL-net is expected to increase in the future as a standard network for high-speed data link between controllers of different makes.

Specifications List

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Specifications List
Model FL611 FL612
Type of connection 10 BASE5/10 BASE-T (selectable)
Transmission rate 10 Mbps
Transmission topology Bus
Transmission distance 10 BASE5: 500 m (2500 m maximum with repeater)
10 BASE-T: 100 m (500 m maximum with repeater)
Communication Cyclic transmission (broadcast), message communication
Interface Common memory: 8 k bits + 8 k words (for cyclic transmission)
Protocol Ver.1.00 Ver.2.00


This is a field equipment network for use in transmission between V-series units and with PLC, remote I/O stations, etc. Using twisted pair cables that are easy to process, TOSLINE™-F10 permits cable economy for lines and within equipment.

Specifications List

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Specifications List
Model UN611/UN612
Transmission mode High speed Long distance
Transmission topology Bus
Transmission rate 750 kbps 250 kbps
Transmission distance 500 m maximum 1 km maximum
Communication service Scan transmission
Scan data capacity 32 words
Scan transmission cycle 7 ms/32 words 12 ms/32 words


DeviceNet is a field equipment network for use in transmission with devices that conform with DeviceNet. It permits connection of I/O units, sensors, drives, etc. of different makes.

Specifications List

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Specifications List
Model DN611A
Transmission topology Bus
Transmission rate 125 kbps 250 kbps 500 kbps
Transmission distance 500 m 250 m 100 m
Scan data capacity Input 128 words (2048 points) + output 128 words (2048 points)
Communication function Polling, bit strobe


The S2 and L2 modules can be configured duplex. Two base units of the same configuration of standby redundancy type can deal with a failure with one of them, in which case control is switched from the defective unit to the other unit.
As for I/O, intelligent serial PI/O duplex configuration is possible. Unit connecting serial buses are duplex in standard configuration, and each I/O module can also be configured duplex. The surveillance control LAN Ethernet and the control LAN TC-net™ also permit dual transmission line configuration.

Duplex configuration
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