One-Loop Controller LC500 Series

The LC500 is a series of box type controllers equipped with display functions, inputs and outputs, and a side keyboard for setting parameters.
The series is suited to general industrial and plant control systems, ranging from standalone to medium- and small-sized control systems.

"Out of production"
We appreciate your patronage towards the Multi-Loop Controller LC521/LC522, discontinued in 2013 the end of September.
The successor model is the Unified Controller nv series LC531/LC532.

LC500 Series image


Display functions and inputs and outputs integrated

The controller functions based on the loop control module (L1) is integrated with the display functions and inputs and outputs into a box type one-loop controller.

Display functions and inputs and outputs integrated image

Expanded multi-loop controller functions

PID control of up to 8 loops is possible, and a display LD512H can be additionally installed for each loop. This evolution from one-loop control to multi-loop control offers easy adaptation to changes in the control range, and helps reduce total cost.

Up to 15 I/O modules can be installed apart from the controller. This means flexibility in system configuration.

Expanded multi-loop controller functions image

Side keyboard built in

A side keyboard is built inside the controller for display and setting of control parameters and for checking alarm information. A simple change or check of parameters can be done without taking a tool computer to the control site.

Compatible with Engineering Tool 2

Engineering Tool 2 of the Integrated Controller is used for engineering. It supports the total domain of engineering, ranging from programming to online monitor of program data, status surveillance, and event log functions. By dividing a program into function blocks, reuse of the functions is made possible, thereby improving engineering efficiency.

Network compatibility

The TOSLINE™-S20LP, Toshiba's control LAN/field network/device network, is provided as a standard feature (LC511, LC512). This permits connection to units of the Integrated Controller series or PROSEC T series to constitute a medium or small-sized control system.

Function Specifications List

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Function Specifications List
Model LC511/LC521
(Current output type)
(Pulse output type)
Input Analog (1 to 5 VDC) 4 points
Digital (no-voltage contact) 3 points
R/A switch (no-voltage contact) - 1 point
Power failure timer (no-voltage contact) 1 point
Output Operating current (4 to 20 mA) 1 point -
Operating pulse (pulse width) - 1 point
Analog (1 to 5 VDC) 2 points
Digital (open collector) 3 points
Watchdog timer (open collector) 1 point
Maximum No. of loops 8 loops
Program capacity 6k steps
Scan cycle 50 to 5000 ms
Tag Indicator 128 points
Regulator 8 points
Digital 32 points

Front Panel List

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Front Panel List
Bargraph display PV/SV/MV
Operating switch SV, MV, control mode
Digital display 5-segment LED display
Others Engineering tool connector

Side Keyboard List

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Side Keyboard List
Data setting Keyboard switches
Display LCD (with backlight)
Function Data display, parameter display and setting, alarm display


I/O modules for installation apart from the controller are available in various types: loop, analog, digital, and pulse. (Up to 15 modules can be connected.)

I/O Module Specifications


Two types of monitoring control network are provided for one loop controller: optical dual loop TOSLINE™-S20LP (for type LC511 and 512) and MC bus as that of conventional type (for type LC521 and 522).

TOSLINE™-S20LP Specifications List

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TOSLINE™-S20LP Specifications List
Transmission topology Optical duplex loop
No. of stations 64 maximum
Transmission rate 2 Mbps
Transmission distance Station-to-station: 1 km maximum
Overall loop length: 30 km maximum
Transmission sequence Scan transmission, Message transmission
Scan transmission capacity 4096 words

MC bus Specifications List

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MC bus Specifications List
Transmission topology N to N
No. of stations 32 maximum
Transmission rate 1 Mbps
Transmission distance Overall loop length: 30 m maximum
Transmission method Bit serial transmission, Asynchronous
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