Multi-Loop Controller LC531/LC532

Multi-Loop Controller LC531/LC532 is an instrumentation panel controller, which supports various applications with user programs. Toshiba continuously enrich the features, reliability and user friendliness. Simultaneously securing the compatibility of attachment to limited space, panel cut and depth result to the advanced features.

Multi-Loop Controller LC531/LC532


High speed operation and power saving

  • Processing speed is twice of conventional models.*1*2
  • Power conservation of about 60%.*1
  • *1 Compared to conventional model LC521
  • *2 In case the maximum registration composition is 8 PID tags


  • Ethernet
  • Construction of OIS-DS/SMART supervision and control system and OIS-DS supervision and control system through PLC server and communication between single loop controller.
  • RS485
  • Support EC Bus transmission and share connection with EC300 series.

PID control

  • Toshiba possess the 2-degree-of-freedom hyper PID control.
  • Advance control system carried out easily.


  • Applications of new function block corresponding to the programming which abides the IEC 61131-3 standard.
  • Developments of efficient program contribute to reduction of development cost.

Size line up

There are 2 lines up available

Size 450mm:easy replacement

Size 250mm:new compact type

Application example

Boiler combustion control

Boiler combustion control image

System configuration

Instrumentation Panel

Instrumentation Panel image

I/O extention

I/O extention image

High speed processing with general PLC

High speed processing with general PLC image

By using LC531/LC532, from conventional panel instrumentation to middle/large scale system, you can configure various appropriate systems for any purposes.

Functional specification

General Specification

This table can be scrolled horizontally.

General Specification
Electrical conditions Power supply 24Vdc +10%-15%(ripple of 1% or less)
Consumption power Main unit power supply:24VDC-Approx. 0.2A
DI/O power supply:24VDC-50mA or less
Allowable instantaneous interruption time 1ms or less
Memory backup Data retention:1year(Lithium battery)
temperature 25℃
Online installation and removal Online installation and removal of the LC53x(*3) main unit can be done
Installation/removal from the housing
Casing External dimensions LC53xE*S (*3) 72W×144H×250D(mm)
LC53xS*S (*3) 72W×144H×450D(mm)
Weight LC53xE*S (*3) Approx. 2kg
LC53xS*S (*3) Approx. 3.5kg
Panel cutout dimensions 68W×138H(mm)square hole plate thickness 8mm or less
Panel material Panel:ABS resin (UL94-V0)-Black
Case:Iron plate-Black paint
External line terminal block Power supply, signal, RS485 transmission :M3.5 screw terminals
Ethernet:RJ45 connector
Draw-out operation of LC53x(*3) main unit Fixed/draw-out operation is possible with 2-stage stopper mechanism
  • *3 LC53x represents LC531 and LC532.

I/O Specifications

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I/O Specifications
Analog input(AI1 to 6) Number of input points 6 points
Input range 1 to 5Vdc (Signal common terminalSC, terminal No.6)
Insulation unit No insulation between channels
Input impedance During energization:1MΩ or more
During power down:1MΩ or more
Resolution 16bit
Conversion data 12800 to 64000 counts/1-5Vdc
Operation output(MV1,2)
(LC531 only)
Number of output points 2 points
Output range 4 to 20mA (Power supply common 0V, terminal No.3, 26)
Insulation unit No insulation between channels
Resolution 16bit
Conversion data 12800 to 64000 count/4 to 20mAdc
Load resistance range 0 to 600Ω
Analog output(AO1,2) Number of output points 2 points
Output range 1 to 5Vdc (Signal common terminal SC, terminal No.6)
Insulation unit No insulation between channels
Resolution 16bit
Conversion data 12800 to 64000 count
Digital input(DI1 to 3) Number of output points 3 points
External signal No voltage contact
(external 24V 5mA±20% at contact ON)
Digital output(DO1 to 5) Number of output points 5 points
Output type FET open-drain output
Maximum rating 30V-0.1A
WDT output Number of output points 1 point
Output type FET open-drain output
Output signal Normally “ON”
In case of an error “OFF”
Maximum rating 30V-0.1A
Puls output(PO)
(LC532 only)
Number of output points 1 point (open, close)
Output form Puls width output
Output type FET open-drain output
Output signal Low speed : 0.072×n-sec/control-period
High speed : 0.072×n-sec/control-period
Maximum rating 30V-0.1A

Environment Specification

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Environment Specification
Environment conditions Operating ambient temperature 0 to 55℃
Storage temperature -40 to 70℃
Relative humidity 10% to 95% Level RH2 (with no condensation)
Dust 0.3mg/m³ (no conductive dust)
Corrosive gas No corrosive gas shall be present.
Vibration resistance 5≦f<9Hz:Half amplitude of 3.5mm
9≦f<150Hz:Constant acceleration of 9.8m/sec²
Impact resistance 147m/s²
Altitude 2000m or less
Grounding Type-D grounding
Installation location Inside an indoor control panel
Cooling Natural cooling


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    • The propulsion machinery control system of a nuclear power plant, safety protection system of a nuclear facility, and any other systems important to safety
    • Control system of collective transport system operation and air traffic control system
    • Medical control system that is related to human lives