Terminated Products
Temperature Control Relay (RTM20)

The temperature relay, RTM20 is designed to monitor temperature of;
Bearings, Motor stator windings, Engine exhaust, Engine cylinders, Furnaces, Industrial processes..

Temperature Control Relay (RTM20) image


  • 8 (eight) different input channel
  • Selectable RTD (resistance temperature detector) materials
  • 3 (three) individual output, individual setting
  • Adjustable trip point setting
  • Alarm output at 90% of trip temperature


Specification List

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Specification List
Application Temperature monitoring/trip/alarm
Temperature range Measuring range -20 - 200oC
Measuring points 8 points
RTD materials Pt : 100 ohm 3 wire
Ni : 120 ohm 3 wire
Ni : 100 ohm 3 wire
Cu : 10 ohm 3 wire
Mornitoring mode Mode 1 Windings and bearings
Mode 2 Windings, bearings and others
Rated control voltage 100-120VAC phase 50/60Hz/100-125VDC
Power consumption Control power circuit 2VA
Application conditions Ambient temperature -10 - 60oC
Relative humidity 45 - 85% (No condensation)
Output contact Contact arrangement 3 NO alarm /3 NO trip