High Speed VCB

Special VCB (VCB) High Speed VCB


  • High speed interruption is realized with high speed operation by repulsion magnet.
  • Improved reliability with directional operating mechanism.
  • Maintenance of the operating mechanism was economized by adoption of Balanced Magnetic Actuator (BMA).
  • By adoption of BMA, use parts were reduced sharply.


Specification List

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Specification List
TYPE FORM (*1) HV1-6J13 HV1-6M20
Rated Voltage 7.2kV
Rated Current 600A 1200A
Rated Frequency 50, 60Hz
Rated Interrupting current 12.5kA 20kA
Rated Making current 32kA 50kA
Rated Short time current 12.5kA-2s 20kA-2s

*1 : Type form configuration

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