Solid Insulated Switchgear(SIS)

Solid Insulated Switchgear(SIS) image


  • Weight and Volume can be reduced tremendously.
  • Live parts of main circuit are sealed with epoxy resin, and make conductive layer for prevention of short circuit or grounding by small animals.
  • SF6 gas is not used. So contributes for preventing green house effect.
  • Improvement of maintenance with simple construction.
  • High quality is maintain without influenced by outside environment.


Specification List

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Specification List
Switchgear Rated voltage 24kV
Rated withstand voltage Lightning impulse 125kV
Power frequency 50kV
Rated frequency 50, 60Hz
Rated current 630, 1250A
Rated short time withstand current 25kA
Applicable standard IEC 298
Vacuum circuit breaker Rated voltage 24kV
Rated current 630, 1250A
Rated interrupting current 25kA
Rated short time withstand current 25kA