Vacuum Magnetic Contactor (VMC)

Vacuum Magnetic Contactor (VMC) image


  • Conform to latest standard IEC 60470(2000).
  • Various types and ratings are available, rated voltage 3.6kV to 15kV, rated current 200A to 720A.
  • Excellent breaking performance, 6.3kA and 8kA at 7.2kV, 5kA at 12kV.
  • No surge protection required except for special application.
  • Capacitor application
  • Low control power consumption
  • CV-6G and CV-6H series are built in Vacuum combination units (CBS)

Series of Vacuum Magnetic Contactor (VMC)

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Series of Vacuum Magnetic Contactor (VMC) image
CV-6G type CV-6H type CV-6K type CV-10 type

CV-6GA(L), and CV-6HA(L) can be modified to draw-out model (Factory modification).