Vacuum Combination Units (CBS Units)

The high-voltage vacuum contactors are designed and manufactured in accordance with latest IEC standard, IEC 60470 (2000) and for indoor switchgear/controlgear purposes. The contactor shall be applied according to normal service conditions specified. Please consult other than normal service conditions.

Normal Service Conditions

  1. The ambient air temperature does not exceed 40°C and its average value, measured over a period of 24 h, does not exceed 35°C.
    The minimum ambient air temperature is -5°C for class "minus 5 indoor".
  2. The altitude does not exceed 1,000m.
  3. The ambient air is not significantly polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive or flammable gases, vapors or salt.
  4. The average value of relative humidity, for a period of 24h, does not exceed 95%.
    The average value of relative humidity, for a period of one month, does not exceed 90%.
    No condensation can be expected where sudden temperature changes occur in periods of high humidity.
  5. Vibration due to causes external to switchgear and controlgear.
    Vibration withstand 15Hz 0.2G
    Shock withstand 30G
  6. The supply voltage of auxiliary circuit shall be between 85% to 110% of rated value.


Standard List

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Standard List
Conformity to following standards
IEC 60470 (2000) International
NEMA ICS 2-324 (1988) U.S.A.
JEM 1167 (1990) Japan


Excitation List

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Excitation List
Continuous excitation (Non-latched) Mainly applied to frequent switching operation such as motor
Instantaneous excitation (Latched) Mainly applied to non-frequent switching operation and/or to the important load which require to be contact closed even with power loss

Protection Coordination

  1. The protection coordination with upper/lower stream relay shall be evaluated by considering total systems and load characteristics.
  2. The single-phase protection shall be provided which may be occurred by power fuses.
    (Apply 2E-relay or fuse blown detector that is provided on combination unit as a standard.)

Application for Surge

No surge protection will be required except for special application, however the insulation coordination shall be evaluated with following table.

Application for Surge List

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Application for Surge List
Load Protection Notice
Rotating machine Not required
  • The surge suppressor shall be installed for the machine rated at 55kW or below, and/or be subject to inching operation
  • The surge suppressor shall be installed between starting contactor and autotransformer for autotransformer starter
  • The suppressor shall be installed for machine which has inferior insulation
Dry-type transformer Not required
  • The surge arrester shall be installed for transformer rated at 150kVA or below and be possible to interrupt the exciting inrush
Oil-immersed transformer Not required
  • The installation of suppressor and insulation coordination shall be evaluated when low surge withstand apparatus are connected on secondary circuit of transformer
Capacitor Not required

Precautions for Other Application

  1. Capacitor Application
    The current limiting fuses shall be combined for capacitor switching application.
    The series reactor shall be connected, especially back-to-back application.
    The electrical life for capacitor application will be reduced due to the high inrush current and higher recovery voltage. Please consult us.
  2. Terminal connection
    The upper terminals shall be used for the protection of contactor.
  3. Control transformer
    The contactor can be operated with following burden of control transformer.

Control transformer List

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Control transformer List
Type form of contactor Control transformer TOSHIBA VT
CV-6GA(L), 6HA(L) 400VA or above 100VA 10P10
CV-10HA(L), 10HB(L)
CV-6KA(L) 750VA or above