Ring Main Switchgear (RMS)

Ring Main Switchgear (RMS) image


  • Vacuum interrupter is molded with epoxy resin.
  • ON/OFF and earthing functions are made into one, and obtained small and light weight.
  • Four position operating mechanisms ON-OFF-Disconnect-Earth are provided.
  • Safety is improved by isolated phase structure and outer layer grounding.
  • Services are easy by front arrangement of the main circuit cable and an earth terminal.
  • High quality is maintain without influenced by outside environment.


Specification List

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Specification List
Applicable standard JEM-1425(2000), JEM-1219(1973)
JEC-2300(1985), JEC-2310(1990)
Rated voltage 24kV
Rated withstand voltage Lightning impulse 95kV Between pole
Power frequency 50kV Between pole
Rated control voltage 100/110V
Direct current withstand voltage 57.5kV-10min.
Rated current Up to 600A
Rated frequency 50, 60Hz
Rated interrupting current 25kA
Rated closing current 63kA

*1 : Type form configuration

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