Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) VY type

Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) VY type image


  • Conform to IEC 60056 (1987).
  • Vacuum interrupters are enclosed with insulating frame.
  • Primary circuit also enclosed with insulation pipe. So dimension can be reduced.
  • Draw out unit can be supplied. (cradle)
  • Fixed type available.


For 36kV Specification List

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For 36kV Specification List
TYPE FORM (*1) VY-30M25A
Installation Drawout type
Closing system Motor spring operation
Applicable standard JEC-2300(1998)/IEC 60056(1987)
Rated Voltage 36kV
Rated Current M : 1200/1250A
P : 2000A
Rated Frequency 50, 60Hz
Rated Interrupting current 25kA
Rated Making current 63kA
Rated Short time withstand current 25kA-2s/25kA-3s
  • *1 : JEC-2300-1985 R(O-0.35sec-CO-1min-CO) can be applied.
  • *2 : Charging time of closing spring 3A(DC110V)
    Motor starting current for charging spring 1A(DC110V)
  • *3 : ANSI C37.06-1987 can be applied.
    (Ratings etc.differ from above table)

*1 : Type form configuration

Type form configuration(1) image

*2 : Type form configuration

Type form configuration(2) image