Vacuum Magnetic Contactor (VMC) CV-6type


Specification List

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Specification List
Type Form (*1) Standard CV-6GA CV-6HA CV-6GAL CV-6HAL CV-6KA1 CV-6KAL1
Upper front terminals - CV-6HA-2 - CV-6HAL-2 - -
Rated voltage 3600/7200V 3600/7200V
Rated operational current 200A 400A 200A 400A 720A
Thermal current 300A 450A 300A 450A 800A
Rated frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Rated short-time withstand current 6300A-1s 8000A-1s
Rated peak withstand current 15.8kA 20kA
Short-circuit making & breaking current 6300A 8000A
"O"- 3 min. - "CO" - 3 min. - "CO" "O"- 3 min. - "CO" - 3 min. - "CO"
Rated making current (100 times) 2000A 4000A 2000A 4000A 7200A
Rated breaking current (25 times) 1600A 3200A 1600A 3200A 5760A
Withstand overload current
6 times 30 seconds
15 times 1 second
1200A-30s 2400A-30s 1200A-30s 2400A-30s 4320A- 30s
4000A- 4s 4000A-12s 4000A- 4s 4000A-12s 10800A- 1s
8000A- 1s 8000A- 2s 8000A- 1s 8000A- 2s
Coordination with current-limiting fuses Prospective short-circuit current 40kA Prospective short-circuit current 40kA
Cut-off current (Peak) 55kA 85kA 55kA 85kA 85kA
Insulation level Impulse withstand 60kV 60kV
Power frequency withstand 22kV 22kV
Rated duties (40% on load factor) 1200 operations/hour (AC3) 300 operations/hour (AC3) 600 operations/hour (AC3) 300 operations/hour (AC3)
Endurance Mechanical life 2.5 million operations 0.25 million operations 1 million operations 0.2 million operations
Electrical life (AC3) 0.25 million operations (AC3) 0.25 million operations (AC3) 0.2 million operations (AC3) 0.2 million operations (AC3)
Maximum applicable load capacity Motor 750/1500kW 1500/3000kW 750/1500kW 1500/3000kW 2500/5000kW
Transformer 1000/2000kVA 2000/4000kVA 1000/2000kVA 2000/4000kVA 3500/7000kVA
Capacitor 1000/2000kVar 2000/2000kVar 1000/2000kVar 2000/2000kVar 2000/2000kVar

*1 : Type form configuration

Type form configuration