History of TOSHIBA Vacuum Interrupters

History of TOSHIBA Vacuum Interrupters List

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History of TOSHIBA Vacuum Interrupters List
1962 First prototype vacuum interrupters
1965 First vacuum switches (7.2kV, 100A, 50MVA)
1966 First vacuum circuit breakers (7.2kV, 600A, 150MVA)
1967 Start mass production of vacuum interrupters for pole mounted vacuum switches (7.2kV, 400A)
1969 Develop low surge contact material and start commercial production of 6.6kV vacuum contactors
1974 First vacuum circuit breakers for arc furnace application
(24kV, 750MVA)
1977 First DC vacuum circuit breakers for nuclear fusion research
1978 Commercial production of low-surge VCB series
1979 Develop 84kV vacuum circuit breaker
Develop vacuum switch for bullet train system
1981 Employ new vacuum furnaces for Brazing in Vacuum
1982 Commercial production of largest VCB (13.8kV, 3000A, 100kA)
1985 Compact Gas-Insulated-Switchgear (C-GIS) employing 84kV VCB
2004 Develop 24kV interrupter for Solid Insulation Switchgear
2006 Cumulative production exceeds 3,000,000 (Three Million)
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