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Solid State Motor Protection Relay (S2E21)

The motor protection relay, S2E21 provides a total motor protection and monitoring package for all motor application.

Solid State Motor Protection Relay (S2E21) image


  • Overload 49
  • Short-circuit/instantaneous overcurrent 50
  • Overcurrent 51
  • Current phase unbalance 46
  • Undercurrent 37
  • Zero sequence ground fault 50G/51G
  • Stator and bearing overcurrent 38/49
  • Locked rotor and starting time failure 48
  • Repeated starting 66

Thermal model calculations customize temperature protection and auto-learning function provides more accurate programming.
Draw-out construction


Specification List

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Specification List
Applicable circuit Three phase, 50/60Hz
Protection functions
Motor protection
Overload, Instantaneous overcurrent ,
Overcurrent, Current phase unbalance,
Undercurrent, Zero sequence ground fault,
Stator and bearing overcurrent,
Locked rotor and starting time failure,
Repeated starting
Input CT/ZCT input current 1 A or 5 A
Operating voltage 100-120VAC/100-125VDC (5mA)
RTD 8 points
Output Contact Pf.=0.4 : 250VAC-2A
L/R=7ms : 30VDC-2A
Rated control voltage 100-120VAC phase 50/60Hz/100-125VDC
Application conditions Ambient temperature -10 - 60oC
Relative humidity 45 - 85% (No condensation)