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Line Differential Protection IED GRL200

Product Overview

The GRL200 line protection IED provides both line differential and distance protection functions in a single, powerful package. The high-speed, phase-segregated line differential protection is applicable to both overhead lines and underground cables with up to three terminals, communicating either over direct fiber optic links or via telecommunications multiplexer interfaces. Zero-phase sequence differential protection enables sensitive detection for high-resistance faults. Optional bay control and monitoring functions are also provided within the flexible and user-friendly GR-200 Series platform.


Technical Description

Protection functions

  1. High-speed, phase-segregated line differential protection

  2. Zero phase sequence current differential protection for high resistance earth faults

  3. Charging current compensation for long lines and cable circuits

  4. Teleprotection via direct fiber optic link or IEEE C37.94 interface to a telecommunications multiplexer (ITU-T X.21 and G703 interfaces are also available via a protocol converter)

  5. Distance protection with six independent zones

  6. Backup non-directional and directional earth fault command protection

  7. Backup non-directional and directional overcurrent protection

  8. Non-directional and directional negative phase sequence overcurrent protection

  9. Thermal overload protection

  10. Broken conductor detection

  11. Circuit breaker failure protection

  12. Switch-on-to-fault (SOTF) protection

  13. Stub protection for one-and-a-half breaker system

  14. Phase to neutral and phase to phase under/overvoltage protection

  15. Under/overfrequency protection

  16. Out-of-step protection

  17. Cold load protection

  18. Power swing blocking function

  19. Inrush Current Detector

  20. Single or multi shot auto-reclose

  21. Fault locator

Line Differential Protection IED GRL200 Products Image

Control functions

  1. Voltage Synchronism check

  2. Circuit breaker and isolator control with Switchgear interlock check

  3. Programmable automatic sequence control

Metering and recording functions

  1. Metering
    - Voltages, Currents, Power, Frequency and Power factor

  2. Recording
    - Event record
    - Fault record
    - Disturbance record

Communication Protocols

  1. IEC 61850 (Ed 1.0 and 2.0) or IEC 60870-5-103 for communication with a Substation Automation System

  2. IEC62439 PRP/HSR/RSTP for communication redundancy

Cyber Security​

Extensive cyber security features:

  1. Port and protocol control​

  2. Complexed password for extra security user authentication​

  3. Security event logging​

  4. Encrypted communication between GR-TIEMS and IED (Optional)​

  5. Role-based Access Control (RBAC) based on IEC 62351-8 (Optional)​​

Human Machine Interfaces

  1. Selection of HMI: Standard, Large or Separate large LCD

  2. 24 configurable LEDs with tri-state and red/green/yellow selectable

  3. 7 programmable function keys for easy operation

  4. PC interface (USB Type-B and Ethernet ports)

  5. Jacks for monitoring of internal signal