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Busbar Protection IED GRB200

Product Overview

The GRB200 low impedance differential relay for busbar protection is designed to provide very reliable, high-speed and selective protection for various types of busbar system. The GRB200 can be applied for single, double and ring busbars with or without transfer busbar, one-and-a-half CB (busbar) system and four bus-coupler busbars. A phase-segregated current differential scheme is employed, which can correctly distinguish between internal and external faults even in the event of CT saturation. GRB200 has two models, for centralized and de-centralized configurations.

Centralized GRB200 Typical Application to Double Busbar System
Centralized GRB200 Typical Application to Double Busbar System
Decentralized GRB200 Typical Application to Double Busbar System
Decentralized GRB200 Typical Application to Double Busbar System

Technical Description

Protection functions

  1. Low impedance differential protection for up to 4 / 8 discriminating zones and check zone for centralized model / decentralized model

  2. Percentage restrained characteristic ensuring stability against external faults

  3. Countermeasure for CT saturation

  4. Mixed different CT ratios and 1/5A ratings

  5. Operation with out-of-service bay units

  6. Circuit breaker failure

  7. End zone protection and blind zone protection

  8. Backup overcurrent and earth fault protection

  9. Independent voltage check element (option)

Typical Application to Double Busbar System

Metering and recording functions

  1. Metering
    - Power system currents, voltages (option) and frequency (option)

  2. Recording
    - Event record
    - Fault record
    - Disturbance record

Communication Protocols

  1. IEC 61850 (Ed 1.0 and 2.0) or IEC 60870-5-103 for communication with a Substation Automation System

  2. IEC62439 PRP/HSR/RSTP for communication redundancy

Cyber Security​

Extensive cyber security features:

  1. Port and protocol control​

  2. Complexed password for extra security user authentication​

  3. Security event logging​

  4. Encrypted communication between GR-TIEMS and IED (Optional)​

  5. Role-based Access Control (RBAC) based on IEC 62351-8 (Optional)​​

Human interfaces

  1. Selection of HMI: Standard LCD / large LCD

  2. 24 configurable tri-state LEDs selectable red/green/yellow

  3. 7 programmable function keys for user demand operation

  4. Personal computer interface (USB and Ethernet ports)

  5. Monitoring jacks for internal circuit test