Product/Technical Services

GR-200 Series Engineering and Monitoring Software GR-TIEMS

Product Overview

GR-TIEMS is integrated engineering tool designed for Toshiba GR-200 Series. It provides interface that allow user to connect with GR-200 series IEDs. User can easily change various type of settings such as protection parameter, communication setting, and I/O setting. Moreover, it can also display fault and disturbance records captured and stored by GR-200 series IEDs. This function gives user the ability to analyze the disturbance waveform data in detail.

GR-TIEMS Tool Interface

Record Tools

User can use GR-TIEMS to collect, display, and analyze various data recorded by the IED such as event record, fault record, and disturbance record.

GR-TIEMS Disturbance Record Interface

IEC 61850 Configurator

User can use GR-TIEMS to configure IEC 61850 protocol related configuration such as logical node, dataset, report control block, GOOSE publish/subscribe, Sample Value.

GR-TIEMS IEC 61850 Configurator Interface

LCD MIMIC Configurator

User can use GR-TIEMS to configure and customize MIMIC displayed on the LCD of GR-200 series IED.

LCD MIMIC Configurator