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Directional Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection and Control GRE140

Product Overview

The GRE140 is a fully numerical multi-function directional overcurrent protection device designed for feeder protection applications in MV networks,drawing on proven technologies developed over more than 100 years,and providing a comprehensive range of protection and control functions. This compact and cost-effective device can be applied not only as feeder protection but also as back-up protections for HV/EHV equipment and feeder.


  1. Protecting feeders in medium voltage networks

  2. Backup protection for generators,transformers and feeders in high voltage networks

  3. Feeder manager device with CB control function,43R/L switch and comprehensive supporting functions

  4. Compact and cost-effective design

  5. Elementary,environmentally-friendly,easy to use and enhanced product concepts

GRE140 Directional overcurrent and earthfault protection and control Products Image