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Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection and Control GRE110

Product Overview

The GRE110 is a numerical multi-function protection device designed for feeder protection applications in MV networks,drawing on proven technologies developed over more than 100 years,and providing a comprehensive range of protection and control functions. This compact and cost-effective device can be applied not only as feeder protection but also as motor protection and back-up protection for generators and transformers.


  1. Protecting feeders and motors in medium voltage networks

  2. Backup protection for generators and feeders in high voltage networks

  3. Feeder manager device with CB control

  4. function,43R/L switch and comprehensive supporting functions

  5. Compact and cost-effective design

  6. Elementary,environmentally-friendly,easy to use and enhanced product concepts

GRE110 Over-current and earth fault protection and control GRZ200 Products Image