Product List of One-loop Controller LC500 series

Product List of One-loop Controller LC500 series List

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Product List of One-loop Controller LC500 series List
Product Model Specifications
CPU module LC511 One-loop controller current output type
TOSLINE-S20LP built-in
LC512 One-loop controller pulse output type
TOSLINE-S20LP built-in
Loop display LD512H Loop display unit (24 VDC input)
I/O module LP03 Loop I/O current output type
LP04 Loop I/O pulse output type
SAI01 Analog input 8-channel universal voltage input
SAI02 Analog input 4-channel 1-5VDC
SAI03 Analog input 4-channel 1-5VDC with distributor
STC01 Thermocouple input 8-channel B R S J K T E
SRT01 Resistance temperature detector 4-channel Pt385/Pt3916 100
SAO01 Analog output 8-channel DC 4-20 mA
SAO02 Analog output 4-channel DC 4-20 mA
SDI01 Digital input 32 points 24 VDC 5 mA
SDO01 Digital output 32 points 24 VDC 100 mA
SPI01 Pulse input 4 points voltage pulse
SPO01 Pulse output 4 points voltage pulse
Terminal unit UT5L12 For LP03/LP04 (Screw terminal unit)
UT5A11 For SAI01/SAO01 (Screw terminal unit)
UT5O11 For SAI02/SAI03/SRT01/SAO02 (Screw terminal unit)
UT5C31 For STC01 (Screw terminal unit)
UT5D21 For SDI01/SDO01 (Connector type terminal unit)
UT5D22 For SDI01/SDO01 (Terminal unit for G7TC relay)
UT5P11 For SPI01/SPO01 (Screw terminal unit)
UT5U11 IO bus extension terminal unit (Screw terminal unit)