Hole Detector


Successor model of pinhole detector P100.
It provides brandnew HMI & maintenance functions.



  1. As a detection sensor, a photo-multiplier is adopted and minimum 15μm or more hole is detectable.
  2. A general-purpose sequence controller is adopted as a signal processing system, it increases maintainability.
  3. An attached computer performs calibration and displays of various status. It is connectable and operatable to both equipment cabinet and a detection unit.


Specifications List

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Specifications Lis
Width 400 ~ 1300mm (located evenly to the line center)
Thickness 0.1 ~ 1mm
Detection sensitivity 15μm (Vertical hole, thickness is less than 0.15mm)
Shutter overlap Adjustable within the range of 1 ~ 10 mm from the edge of the strip.
Pass line gap In the direction of strip thickness, 4mm.
Pass line Fluctuation ±0.5mm or less of strip
Shutter driving Automatic follow-up by electric servomechanism.
Response frequency 8Hz, One side swing, 5mm.
  • * The specification shown above is an example. Actual specifications can be adjusted and may vary depending on installation conditions.