Width Gauge
TOSGAGE-2700 Series

A width gauge capable of accurately measuring hot strips.
A variety of models suitable to high-temperature metal and ambient condition under measurement.

TOSGAGE-2700 Series


A CCD camera is used as a sensor for the purpose of measuring strip width. In addition the following functions are adopted for achieving a good performance.

  • a) Resolution compensation:
    This function provides high measurement resolution by a bit-compensation.
  • b) High speed ATC (Automatic charge time control):
    This function provides a suitable measurement not dependent on the temperature variation of the strip to be measured.


Specifications List

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Specifications List
Measuring range 400 ~ 2400mm
Width measurement accuracy ±0.5mm (2σ)
Strip surface temperature Less than 1200℃
Calculation time 10ms
Side walk ±100mm
Pass line fluctuation -50 ~ +300mm

* The specification shown above is an example. Actual specifications can be adjusted and may vary depending on installation conditions.