Width Gauge & Hole Detector

A multifunctional instrument adding a hole detection function to a width gauge.
Customer's needs evolve systems!



  1. All installation works and environmental measure for width gauge and hole detector can be done with one-unit cost, which makes customers expense.
  2. Using robust frame, width measurement function can be added easily.


Specifications List

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Specifications List
Measurement range 400 ~ 1600mm
<Measurement method>
Width measurement Back-light system, 2 CCD cameras type
Hole detection Back-light system, 5 CCD cameras used.
Width measurement accuracy ±0.3mm (pass line fluctuation less than ±10mm)
Hole detection sensibility Perpendicular hole more than 1.5mmφ
(at thickness less than 2.3mm, line speed less than 150m/min.)
Calculation time 100ms

* The specification shown above is an example. Actual specifications can be adjusted and may vary depending on installation conditions.