Americium Thickness Gauge
TOSGAGE-170 Series

A maintenance free is required for quality management of process line. Thickness Gauge is maintenance free and can be used for stability. It is possible to merge with a width gauge.

TOSGAGE-170 Series


  • 1. Displaying of measurement result by HMI and saving of quality data are a standard specification.
  • 2. It is possible to support various interface (Ethernet, Profibus, FL-net etc.).
  • 3. Much of experience about countermeasure against minimize of gamma-ray leakage area.
TOSGAGE-170 Series


Specifications List

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Specifications List
Measuring range 0 ~ 5.0mm
Linearity ±0.05% of Setting thickness +1.0μm
Noise 0.1mm...... ±0.8μm
1.0mm...... ±1.2μm
3.0mm...... ±2.8μm
5.0mm...... ±6.8μm
Radiation source Am241、18.5GBq
Response time 200ms
Air gap 200mm

* The specification shown above is an example. Actual specifications can be adjusted and may vary depending on installation conditions.