X-ray Thickness Gauge
TOSGAGE-7000A/7000HS Series

Renewed X-ray thickness gauge series with innovated main calculation.
The X-ray generator is compatible with conventional models.

TOSGAGE-7000A/7000HS Series


  • 1. The real time OS installed in the industrial computer improves maintainability.
  • 2. Various interfaces (Ethernet, Profibus, FL-net, etc.) are supported.
  • 3. The connectors of the X-ray generator need not be greased up.
  • 4. A large-diameter ionization chamber realizes a quick response and high accuracy.


Specifications List

This table can be scrolled horizontally.

Specifications List
Measuring range (Cold) 0.1 ~ 8.0mm
(Hot) 1.0 ~ 15.99mm
Compensation range ±15%
Linearity 0.1% of set thickness (2σ)
Reproducibility 0.05% set thickness or 0.1μm
whichever is larger(2σ)
(A series)
(Cold) 0.05% measured thickness or 0.1μm
whichever is larger (1.65σ)
(Hot) 0.06% for thickness range of 1.0 ~ 7.99mm(2σ)
0.10% for thickness range of 8.0 ~ 13.99mm(2σ)
0.12% for thickness range of 14.0 ~ 15.99mm(2σ)
Drift 0.1% of measured thickness/8h (Based on IEC61336)
Time constant (Cold) 10ms
*HS seires:3ms
(Hot) 30ms
  • * A large measurement range is available.
  • * The specification shown above is an example. Actual specifications can be adjusted and may vary depending on installation conditions.