Width Gauge

Precise & Stable measurement achieved by minimum configuration.

Width Gauge TOSGAGE-LW Series

Detector box

Camera unit

  • 2500 dots Line CCD Camera
  • Camera / Lens are produced by TOSHIBA
  • Dual camera compensation function cancels pass-line variation
Detector box

Electrical box

All-in-one processing module

  • Reliable processor and I/F module
  • Made by TOSHIBA / Long term and stable supply service
Electrical box
Width Gauge TOSGAGE-LW image

Light source box

High frequency fluorescent lamp
Auto Charge Time Control (ATC) function makes lamp duration longer ATC controls suitable CCD camera charge time and amount of light intensity

Easy maintenance

Maintenance software (CD media) supports general purpose PC


This table can be scrolled horizontally.

OPERATION-PC Remote operation / setup is available
Valve stand Utility piping parts are gathered in one valve stand
Junction box Box for cabling distribution from C-frame to customer' s equipments