Cesium Thickness Gauge

High reliability and robust operating against severe environment near rolling mill.



  • 1. Plenty results of high-level and latest lines of strips on plates.(1 flame 3 heads,1 flame 2 heads, close to mill)
  • 2. It is possible to support various interface.(Ethernet, Profibus, FL-net etc.)


Specifications List

This table can be scrolled horizontally.

Specifications List
Measuring range 4.5 ~ 99.99mm
Setting accuracy ±0.05% of Setting thickness or ±10μm, whichever is larger
Noise 4.5mm...... ±10μm
30 mm...... ±21μm
60 mm...... ±49μm
100mm...... ±154μm
Drift ± (0.04% of Measured thickness+10μm) or less/10min
Time constant 0.4s

* The specification shown above is an example. Actual specifications can be adjusted and may vary depending on installation conditions.