Optical Character Recognition TOSPECTRON-CR

An equipment that uses optical character recognition(OCR) technology to recognize and read the number on a metal slab as it passes through the production line.


  1. Uses multiple CMOS area sensors at GigE standard
  2. Using unique technology, the equipment is customized to the customer's printed character style.
  3. Automatic recognition helps reduce the labor of operator.


Specifications List

Specifications List
Sensor field Approximately 2m wide (may vary depending on customer's preference)
Sensor distance range 2m ~ 10m
Metal plate surface temperature 700℃ and below
Recognition time Approximately 2 seconds after imaging
Harsh condition protection Protection from radiating heat / Protection from dust and small metal particles
  • * The specification shown above is an example. Actual specifications can be adjusted and may vary depending on installation conditions.