Radioisotope Applied Instrument
AEL Series

Gamma-ray level gauges are used for petrochemical, spinning, paper & pulp and iron & steel plants, etc. as a sensor for level control in vessel and material detection in process. More than 1200 sets are installed in Japan for fulfilling an individual purpose. Since 1968, Toshiba has delivered more than 500sets of the gamma-ray level gauges ensuring liable process control.

AEL Series


  1. Measures from the outside of the vessel, tank etc. without coming directly into contact with it.
  2. Remains unaffected by the temperature, pressure, viscosity, flow rate other properties or status of the material being measured.
  3. Is almost completely unaffected by the measured material sticking to the inner walls.
  4. Measures not only fluids but fine particles, lumps and other materials.
  5. Uses a digital rate meter to automatically perform zero/span calibration.
  6. Has thorough radiation shielding.
AEL Series

Application and Model

Application and Model List

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Application and Model List
Mane Model Application
Fixed-point monitoring level gauge AEL-75117 Used for level upper and lower alarm
Penetration type level gauge AEL-75312
Irradiation type level gauge AEL-75403
Continuous casting level gauge AEL-75417 Used to measure the level of molten steel
Slab detector AEL-75119 For furnace
Hot metal detector AEL-75118