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18 Mar, 2022

Running Feature: Quantum Key Distribution, Protecting the Future of Digital Society(Part 1)
The Principles of Quantum Key Distribution Technology and the BB84 Protocol
Shinya Murai

22 Apr, 2022  

Running Feature: Quantum Key Distribution, Protecting the Future of Digital Society (Part 2) Technologies of higher speeds and greater stability for Quantum Key Distribution
Mamiko Kujiraoka


The dramatic evolution of AI technologies is accelerating the use of AI in business applications.
In this issue, we present Toshiba's AI utilization strategies and solutions, which are backed by Toshiba's years of experience and extensive track record in social infrastructure and industrial fields such as energy and manufacturing.

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In recent years, the number of cyberattacks targeting the vital industrial infrastructure that supports our lives has been on the rise. When this infrastructure is damaged, it can affect our day-to-day life.
In this article, we present Toshiba’s security solutions based on the perspective of “cyber resilience” -- minimizing the impact of cyberattacks and rapidly restoring systems.

COVID-19 is making a big change in our society and our lives, and the use of digital technology is accelerating.
Toshiba Digital Solutions will support the creation of a sustainable society and companies through solutions that open up the New Normal era.
This special feature introduce will mainly solutions that can be used immediately.

The Toshiba Group, which is striving to create a world in which people live richer lives, is integrating physical and cyber technologies in its data service business to provide society with new value in the “Data 2.0” era.

This special feature looks at the Toshiba Group’s data service business concept, specific examples of data services, and security technologies that will be increasingly important in the Data 2.0 era.

The advancement of digital technologies such as IoT and AI are raising expectations for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).
CPS is anticipated to create new value, primarily in the industrial field, and to lead economic development and solutions for social problems.
In the newly published "Toshiba Next Plan," Toshiba has declared its intent to become one of the world's leading CPS technology companies. Toshiba is developing various new technologies and transforming business to realize the goal.
Toshiba has a unique competitive advantage in the physical world through long history of manufacturing business and social infrastructure development. To leverage the advantage through cyber technologies to realize CPS, Toshiba has formulated a common framework, or Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture. Toshiba has also started to provide a number of industrial IoT services compliant with the Reference Architecture in various business field under a unified corporate brand "TOSHIBA SPINEX," and is accelerating its development.
This special feature looks at how Toshiba has fused its wealth of cyber and physical technologies to transform and to grow businesses to contribute social development.
It also introduces specific examples of these initiatives.

Hiroshi Yamamoto
Corporate Digitization CTO,
General Manager, Digital Innovation Technology Center
Toshiba Corporation

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and business environments are rapidly changing in the era of digital economy. The time has come to seriously reconsider how ICT is used. The SRE concept, which has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years, is being called on not only to provide system reliability, but also to contribute to business growth.
In April 2019, Toshiba Digital Solutions established its Managed Service Center. We have not stopped at mere ICT system maintenance. We also provide Albacore, Toshiba Managed Service that drives optimization and automation while making continuous improvements. Based on the operation experience Toshiba has accrued in a wide range of business fields, Albacore leverages the latest cloud, IoT, AI, OSS, and other technologies to contribute to ever-growing customer business. In order to create the Toshiba Group's Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Albacore provides services that integrate everything from the design and creation of IT platforms that fuse physical and virtual spaces at a high level to operation, including applications and business operation support.
Albacore will continue to support the growth and development of customers as it strives to realize full-fledged CPS. This special feature introduces some of these measures.

Makoto Ochiai
General Manager
Managed Services Center
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

The values of Japanese society are changing due to the shrinking working-age population resulting from the country's low birth rate and the evolution of digital technologies. Japanese "work" itself is beginning to change.
We believe that companies must, in the face of these dramatically changing social environments and times, strive to create rich societies in which diverse people live and work happily and energetically. Two major goals in achieving this are transforming work styles and making life more comfortable.
This special feature looks at the new directions and latest technologies of Toshiba Digital Solutions in its efforts to create advanced interaction between people and AI, which holds the key to achieving these goals. Let's explore the frontlines of the social transformation being led by Toshiba communication AI RECAIUS.

Tomoki Tada
General Manager
RECAIUS Business Div.
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

The appearance of cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) have brought innovation to various industries.
These advanced digital technologies are being used for operation efficiency and process improvements, but are also coming to be used to create new value by changing and creating business models. In addition to conventional system development methodologies and organization, this trend has also produced a need for personnel who is skilled at open architecture, which can rapidly respond to changes, and is rich in business ideas.
Our Solutions Center has cultivated rich expertise in various industries as a software factory that supports system development. We are combining the expertise with state-of-the-art digital technologies to improve our employees' digital transformation (DX) capabilities.
This special feature presents the latest initiatives of the Solutions Center, which is constantly evolving as it seeks value co-creation together with customers.

Hiroki Nagamitsu
General Manager
Solutions Center
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Advances in digital technologies are causing disruptive innovation, producing innovative business models in a variety of industrial fields. Needless to say, digital transformation will hold the key for Japanese companies to emerge victorious in the face of increasingly fierce global competition.
The issue there is what to do about existing systems, which have become more and more complicated over time, turning into black boxes. Digital transformation involves using the data stored in existing systems, cutting maintenance costs, and ensuring agility and scalability.
Toshiba Digital Solutions offers a selection of advanced software production technologies that can be used to overcome these challenges, driving IT modernization that enables existing systems to adapt and respond to changes in the business and societal environment. We have systematized the technologies and methodologies used in digital transformation. This special feature presents an overview of the IT modernization we offer customers, together with one of the latest case examples.

Daisuke Imamura
General Manager
Systems Engineering and Technology Center
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

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