We will deliver the latest digital technologies and solutions of the Toshiba Digital Solutions Group, which aims to realize a digital and prosperous society.


Toshiba engineers will introduce the outline and features of the technology and solutions.

Assisting with maintenance operation optimization and problem-solving through the digitalization of equipment asset management

23 Apr, 2024

Using AI image recognition to solve the increasingly severe problems facing societal infrastructure

26 Dec, 2023

Contributing to local government digital transformation by applying blockchain technology to the digitalization of contract-related operations

19 Dec, 2023

Exceptional recognition performance! The new world of digitalization made possible by using highly accurate AI OCR to read forms

25 Oct, 2023

Turning customers into fans through the use of flexible and expandable point services

23 Oct, 2023

Creating new content value using facial recognition AI specializing in video content

27 Jun, 2023

Using the IoT to visualize operation activity and contribute to greater work efficiency, productivity, and a more comfortable working environment

29 May, 2023

A human resource management solution that supports the human capital management needed in the modern era of dramatic change and creates new corporate value

24 May, 2023