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Multi-function Protection and Control IED GRE200

Product Overview

GRE200 is multi-function protection and control IED implemented on Toshiba's next generation GR-200 series IED platform. GRE200 is designed to provide comprehensive protection and control applications for transmission lines and distribution feeders across all types of network. This powerful and user-friendly IED will provide you with the flexibility to meet your application and engineering requirements in addition to offering excellent performance, outstanding quality and operational peace of mind.

  1. Protection, control, metering, and supervision of EHV. HV, MV, and LV networks

  2. Various feeder protection scheme that includes overcurrent protection, under/overvoltage, under/over frequency, circuit breaker failure, motor and generator protections

  3. Various model and hardware options for flexible application depending on system requirements

  4. Multiple communication protocol for easy integration with substation automation system such as IEC 61850, Modbus, and IEC 62439-3 PRP/HSR


Technical Description

Protection Functions

  1. Four Stage Directional Phase Overcurrent Protection

  2. Directional earth fault protection

  3. Directional Sensitive Earth Fault Protection

  4. Phase Undercurrent Protection

  5. Thermal Overload Protection

  6. Directional Negative Phase Sequence Overcurrent Protection

  7. Under/Overvoltage Protection

  8. Zero Phase Sequence Overvoltage Protection

  9. Negative Phase Sequence Overvoltage Protection

  10. Under/Over Frequency Protection

  11. Broken Conductor Protection

  12. Two Stage Circuit Breaker Fail (CBF) Protection

  13. Cold Load Protection

  14. Switch onto Fault Protection (SOTF-OC)

  15. Inrush Current Detector

  16. Five Shot, Three Phase Auto-reclose

  17. Synchronism Check Function

Protection Function for Motor (Option)

  1. Start Protection

  2. Stalled Motor Protection

  3. Locked Rotor Protection

  4. Restart Inhibit

Control Functions

  1. Switchgear Control

  2. IED Mode Control

  3. Interlock Check

  4. Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

Monitoring Functions

  1. Trip Circuit Supervision

  2. Automatic Self-supervision

  3. Circuit Breaker Contact Supervision

  4. Circuit Breaker Condition Monitoring

  5. Motor Status Monitoring (Option for Motor Protection Model)

General Functions

  1. Eight setting groups to cover various operating conditions

  2. Time synchronization by external clock via SNTP or using IRIG-B

  3. Password protection for settings and selection of local/remote control

  4. Simulation and test function to check protection/control function

  5. Internal circuit checks using forcible signal

Metering and Recording Functions

  1. Metering

    1. Primary and secondary currents for each input

    2. Positive and negative phase sequence currents

    3. Ratio of negative phase sequence to positive phase sequence currents

    4. Primary and secondary voltages for each input

    5. Positive and negative phase sequence voltages

    6. System residual voltage

    7. Power frequency

    8. Active and reactive power

    9. Power factor

    10. Peak phase power demand

    11. Peak phase current demand

    12. Thermal condition of system

    13. Relay element output status

    14. Watt-Hour

    15. Var-Hour

  2. Additional Metering for Motor Protection Model:

    1. Thermal condition of stator and rotor

    2. Motor running time

    3. Start-up time of the last motor start-up

    4. Maximum current during the last motor start-up

    5. Number of start-ups (total, cold and hot starts)

  3. Recording

    1. Event Record up to 1024 events

    2. Fault Record up to 32 faults

    3. Disturbance Record

    4. Fault Location

Hardware Flexibility

  1. Various models and hardware options for flexible application depending on system requirement and controlled object

  2. Configurable binary inputs and outputs

Communication Interface

  1. Various option of system interface - RS485, fibre optic 100BASE-FX, 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-TX

  2. Support for multiple communication protocol - IEC 61850 (Ed 1.0 and 2.0), IEC 60870-5-103, MODBUS/TCP, IEC 62439 PRP/HSR/RSTP

Cyber Security​

Extensive cyber security features:

  1. Port and protocol control​

  2. Complexed password for extra security user authentication​

  3. Security event logging​

  4. Encrypted communication between GR-TIEMS and IED (Optional)​

  5. Role-based Access Control (RBAC) based on IEC 62351-8 (Optional)​​

Human Interface

  1. 21 Character width, 8 Line LCD with backlight

  2. 14 LEDs (2 pre-configured LEDs + 12 configurable LEDs)

  3. 5 programmable function keys for user demand operation

  4. Personal computer interface (USB 2.0 port and Ethernet ports)

  5. Relay setting and configuration using GR-TIEMS Software