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A large volume of water is used in factories. For efficient use of resources, the demand for recycling and reusing treated water is growing. However, different amounts and qualities of wastewater are discharged from factories. The entire production process from input to output must be effectively managed to efficiently use water resources and protect the aquatic environment.
With a view to the entire factory as well as appropriate facilities, we, Toshiba, effectively combine element and wastewater treatment technologies to help our clients efficiently use limited water resources and ensure stable factory operation.

Restaurant Wastewater Recycling and Treatment System


Restaurant wastewater contains high concentration of organic pollutants. Therefore, oil, SS(*1) and BOD(*2) are removed from the wastewater through dissolved air flotation or activated sludge process before discharge to sewer. Meanwhile, factories demand a large volume of water, and water must be reused to the maximum extent to conserve water resources. We construct a water treatment plant with an ozone generator as a core technology to reuse part of the restaurant wastewater in the production process, and eventually conserve water resources.

  • (*1) SS: Suspended Solids
  • (*2) BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand


  • To achieve the water quality required for recycling, our water recycling system performs biological treatment (aeration and setting) after ordinary wastewater treatment. Then, it removes SS through sand filtration, decolorizes, deodorizes and sterilizes water with ozone, as well as absorbs and removes residual organic matter and ozone through activated carbon filtration.
  • Recycled water is used in the factory production process.

Configuration Example

Wastewater is partially treated and recycled through sand filtration, ozone treatment and activated carbon treatment for reuse in the production process.

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