High Rate Clarifier (Sedimentation Tank)

Four times higher flow rate than conventional clarifiers

High Rate Clarifier (Sedimentation Tank) TOSAQUA™

Why Toshiba?

In the field of industrial water treatment, a large space is needed for conventional clarifiers (sedimentation tanks) due to the low efficiency of suspended solids sedimentation leading to a low flow rate of treated water.
We, Toshiba, have developed a High Rate Clarifier (sedimentation tank), which implemented latest fluid simulation to achieve appropriate flow dispersion and four times higher flow rate than conventional clarifiers.


  • This clarifier separates suspended solids from wastewater by sedimentation at a high water linear velocity of more than 4 m/h (four times higher than conventional clarifiers).
  • It can reduce construction costs by reducing the diameter and height of the tank.
  • By virtue of the higher flow rate, it requires only one fourth of the installation space, compared to conventional clarifiers.

Original Structure

With latest simulation technology that leads to higher sedimentation efficiency and flow rate than conventional clarifiers, we built the original structure.

Battery-operated Electromagnetic TOSAQUA -Sedimentation tank -

1Structure to distribute flocs

Raw water from the feed well flows uniformly into the clarifier
(sedimentation tank).

2Structure to prevent flocs

Most of the flocs near the wall are prevented from being carried over.

3Structure to refeed flocs into the feed well

Some of the flocs carried over are fed into the feed well again.

Configuration Example

Configuration Example of Toshiba's High Rate Clarifier (Sedimentation Tank) Combined with Pre-treatment System

Process Flow

Pre-treatment and High Rate sedimentation are carried out.

Process Flow
Process Flow


Chemicals are added to the raw water, and small particles are formed into flocs that can be separated by sedimentation.
pH control is applied when necessary.


High Rate sedimentation

Flocs are separated from the pre-treated water by sedimentation. Sedimentation is carried out at four times faster flow rate than conventional clarifiers.
Sludge is pulled out of the tank and sent to the sludge treatment process.

High Rate Clarifier (Sedimentation Tank) TOSAQUA™ Leaflet

Please download the High Rate Clarifier (Sedimentation Tank) TOSAQUA™ leaflet.

High Rate Clarifier (Sedimentation Tank)  TOSAQUA™ PDF Leaflet


  1. Why Toshiba?
  2. 2Highlights
  3. Original Structure
  4. Configuration Example

High Rate Clarifier (Sedimentation Tank) TOSAQUA™ (PDF)(718KB)

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