Solutions for Industrial Field

Toshiba offers suitable water treatment for industrial field

Field of Deliveries

Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Generation, Industrial Park and Estate, Steel and Metal, Pulp and Paper, Automotive, Textile and Tannery, Food and Beverage, Mining, Hotel, Shopping Mall, and other Industries

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Providing Optimum Technologies from Experience

We select and provide optimum technologies that meet customer requirements.

Water Treatment

  • Rapid / Slow Sand Filtration
  • Membrane Filtration
    - UF(*1)
    - MF(*2)
    - RO(*3)
  • Ion-Exchanger
  • Desalination

Wastewater Treatment

  • Biological Treatment
    - ASP(*4)
    - SBR(*5)
    - MBR(*6)
    - MBBR(*7)

Recycle Water Treatment

  • Membrane Filtration
    - MBR(*6)
    - RO(*3)
    - UF(*1)
    - MF(*2)
  • Ion-Exchanger

High pH RO

In the countries or regions where shortage of water resources or the pollution affected by the wastewater from the factories in serious, customers may be required Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system in the local regulation which discharges no wastewater.

Comparison of Recycling Rates(*9)

Comparison of Recycling Rates
High pH RO At least 95%
Regular RO System 70 to 80%
  • (*1) UF: Ultra Filtration
  • (*2) MF: Micro Filtration
  • (*3) RO: Reverse Osmosis
  • (*4) ASP: Activated Sludge Process
  • (*5) SBR: Sequencing Batch Reactor
  • (*6) MBR: Membrane Bioreactor
  • (*7) MBBR: Moving Bed Bioreactor
  • (*8) UASB: Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket
  • (*9) The recycling rate varies depending on the water quality condition. 95% is not guaranteed in every case.