The Center implements comprehensive efforts in multiple technology areas, forming cross-functional teams made up of researchers from different technological fields.

Core Manufactuing Technology

Manufacturing engineering technology

  • Site management and enhancement of shop floor management
  • Parts manufacturing capability enhancement

Knowledge and information promoting technology

  • Production control systems utilizing ICT
  • QC systems utilizing big data and cloud technology
  • Design systems taking cost and efficiency into account

Material and device processes technology

  • Process, analysis and simulation
  • New devices and process applications

Electronic packaging and assembly technology

  • Design and reliability evaluaton technology
  • Microelectronics package and module technology
  • Manufacturing process innovation

Optical applications and visual inspection technology

  • Sensing technology
  • Laser processing and nanoimprinting technology
  • Inspection and Image processing technology

Mechanical design and manufacturing technology

  • Mechanical design and reliability technology
  • Component manufacturing process technology

Control technology

  • Motors and actuators
  • Motor and robot control
  • Electromagnetic compatibility design

Mechatronics technology

  • Manufacturing line and facility development technology
  • Development of advanced fundamental technology

Electronic device packaging technology

  • Development of CAD/CAE simulation technology
  • Development of high-density PCB assembly processes
  • Development of printed wiring boards

Environmental harmony type manufacturing engineering


Toward the "environmental vision 2050" realization of the Toshiba group, the Corporate Manufacturing Engineering Center promotes creating and providing environmental harmony type manufacturing engineering as the production engineering research and development base of the Toshiba group.

An action is pushed forward in concepts of three aspects, "Green of Process (environmental consideration of manufacturing) ", “Green of Product (environmental consideration of products)” and “Green by Technology (energy, environmental technology)” and “Green Management" that promote the base activity of the environmental management. “Engineering and structure of manufacturing" in consideration for environment on products and business activities are expressed from three viewpoints: prevention of the global warming, effective use of resources, and management of chemical materials.

(1) Environmental harmony type research theme
The themes that has big impacts to environment are manifested and promoted, while wide products of the Toshiba group are supported and research themes of various phases from basics to applications are worked on.

(2) Environmental harmony type facilities development
Manufacturing facilities for the Toshiba group are placed with "products" of the corporate manufacturing engineering center, and environmental harmony type facilities development are promoted. In correspondence with environmental laws regulation, green procurement and component chemical substance management are performed and product assessment is carried out.