Toshiba Corporate Manufacturing Engineering Center

Core Manufactuing Technology

Electronic device packaging technology

To improve the quality and reduce the cost of Toshiba Group products, we are developing various technologies, including those for CAD/CAE simulation, evaluation of advanced electronic components, printed wiring boards, surface-mount processes, and physical-chemical analyses.
We are also developing assembly technology that directly facilitates product development.

[Image] Electronic device packaging technology

Development of CAD/CAE simulation technology

To reduce size, improve performance, and increase the functionality of electronic devices, we are working on the development of assembly and reliability evaluation technologies coupled with simulation technologies for electrical, mechanical, and structural analyses.

[Image] Major assembly technologies

Major assembly technologies

Development of high-density PCB assembly processes

Drawing on our evaluation technology for next-generation semiconductor packages and small parts with a narrow lead pitch, we are working on parts approval while developing assembly materials (such as solder paste and adhesion reinforcing members) and advanced mounting processes.

Development of printed wiring boards

We are developing impedance-controlled printed wiring boards suitable for high-speed signal transmission as well as AnyLayer printed wiring boards in which all layers serve as interconnection layers. We are also looking for excellent vendors with the aim of achieving high quality, low cost, and a stable supply.