Toshiba Corporate Manufacturing Engineering Center

Core Manufactuing Technology

Control technology

We are researching and developing control technologies for EMC design of a wide range of products including electronic devices, semiconductors for motor driving and control, motors and inverters for vehicle-mounted and industrial equipment, and production facilities.

[Image] Control technology

Motors and actuators

By employing high-performance magnets, etc., and simultaneously making use of advanced technologies in such areas as structural analysis, magnetic field analysis, and thermo-fluid analysis, we are developing motors and actuators to improve the performance of products by achieving optimum magnetic circuit designs and heat dissipation designs.

[Image] Air conditioning compressor

Air conditioning compressor

[Image] High-efficiency motor

High-efficiency motor

Motor and robot control

Employing circuit technologies, motor control technologies, and control simulation, we are developing control systems to enhance the added value of products by improving their efficiency as well as their vibration and noise performance.

[Image] Model –based Control algorithm development, Control circuit・Software development (Control built-in), Product Control verification

Electromagnetic compatibility design

We are developing noise reduction technologies and high-speed signal transmission technologies using electromagnetic field simulations and high-frequency measurements.

[Image] Power electronics products

Power electronics products

[Image] Flash-memory products

Flash-memory products

[Image] Electro-magnetic simulation

Electro-magnetic simulation

[Image] Signal transmission simulation

Signal transmission simulation