Toshiba Corporate Manufacturing Engineering Center

Core Manufactuing Technology

Optical applications and visual inspection technology

Optical technology is applied to the research and development of new products. We design light-emitting devices, optical sensors, and lighting products, and are also developing laser processing and optical inspection systems.

[Image] Optical applications and visual inspection technology

Sensing technology

We are developing sensing technology such as laser ultrasonic testing for semiconductor substrate. We are also developing optical sensing technologies including a trace gas analyzer using a quantum cascade laser.

[Image] Laser ultrasonic testing

Laser ultrasonic testing

[Image] Trace gas analyzer

Trace gas analyzer

Laser processing and nanoimprinting technology

We are developing laser processing for welding, cutting, annealing, and 3D printing of semiconductor devices and batteries. We are also developing nanoimprinting for the processing of micro-optical components.

[Image] 3-D printing

3-D printing

  • * This work is supported by manufacturing revolution program centering on 3D additive manufacturing technology organized by METI.
[Image] Nanoimprint processing

Nanoimprint processing

Inspection and Image processing technology

We are engaged in the development of low-cost visual/acoustic automated inspection tools, character recognition and defect classification technologies, and 3D surface profile measurement technologies.

[Image] Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

[Image] Label Inspection

Label Inspection

[Image] Three-dimensional Profile Inspection

Three-dimensional Profile Inspection