Partially-filled type
Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Partially-filled type Electromagnetic Flowmeter:

Partially-filled type Electromagnetic Flowmeter (PDF)

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General Specificaition

Position of electrodes in The LF502 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is so designed that it can be used even in a partially-filled pipe to measure the flow rate.

Improved functional magnetic field distribution technique enables a high-precision flow measurement continually from low-level to fully-filled flow conditions. This eliminates unnecessary piping work such as lifting the downstream pipe section to fill the detector pipe.

Compared with flowmeters measuring the flow rate by means of flow level, the obstructionless LF502 flow-meter does not usually allow mud, sands and other solid sediment stay at the bottom of the detector pipe and is unaffected by wave or floating solids on the fluid surface.

The AF900 Hand-held terminal (HART(*1)Communicator) can be used for remote control.

  • *1 HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a communication protocol for industrial sensors recommended by the HCF (HART Communication Foundation).

Main Specifications

Main Specifications List

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Main Specifications List
Mounting style Flange connection type
Meter size 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm
Measuring range in terms of flow velocity From 0 - 60m3/h (Standard) to 0 - 5000m3/h
See The Specification sheet for each meter size.
Note: Flow rate is almost 0 - 1m/s (Standard) to 0 - 5m/s flow verocity.
Accuracy +/-2% FS
Fluid-level range Meter size 150mm to 300mm: 30mm to fully-filled condition
Meter size 350mm to 600mm: 10% of inside tube diameter to fully-filled condition
Note: The fully-filled condition means a 100% of nside tube diameter.
Ambient tempearture -10 to +50℃
Fluid temperature 0 to +55℃
Electrode materials SUS316L (Standard)
Ti, Hastelloy C
Grounding ring materials SUS316 (Standard for 150 to 400mm)
SUS304 (Standard for 500 and 600mm)
See The Specification sheet for optional materials and other related information.
Lining materials (Meter size: mm) EPDM rubber (Standard for 150 to 400mm)
Chloroprene rubber (Standard for 500 and 600mm)
Teflon PFA (Option for 150 to 400mm)
Structure IP67 (Standard), IP68 (Option)
Power consumption 50VA or less
Power supply AC100V to AC120V, 50/60Hz Allowable voltage AC80V to AC132V