Electromagnetic Flowmeter Series

TOSHIBA Electromagnetic Flowmeters:Intelligence, High Quality and Durability

Product Introduction

The electromagnetic flowmeters uses Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction to measure the process flow.

Full Product Lineup

Lineup of Toshiba electromagnetic flowmeters covering diameters from 2.5mm to 3000mm as well as various liner materials to accomodate diverse fluids are available, making possible fluid measurements in almost any applications.

State-of-the-arts Technology Meets Diverse Needs

Combined with a multi-functional converter, Toshiba electromagnetic flowmeters result in reliable and accurate measurement of a wide variety of fluids.

  • Divided multi-sampling system using advanced algorithms
  • Noise-suppression circuit
  • Functional magnetic field distribution

Besides, advanced capacitance technology also achieves to Capacitance type of electromagnetic flowmeter at the wetting part inside detector pipe.

Ready for Use Worldwide

LF620 and LF622 converters are provided with universal power supplies, enabling use anywhere in the world. (Standard:AC100V to AC240V; Option:DC24V and DC110V)