Density (Consistency) Meter Series

The LQ Series puts you in control of your product quality with high reliability to measure density.

Product Introduction

Toshiba's Microwave Density (Consistency) Meter uses microwave phase difference measurement to determine concentrations of solids in the material to be measured flowing through pipes.

It can perform a stable and realtime density (consistency) measurement because this technology is not affected by flow velocity along with fluid, and also is not easily affected by contaminants and low process pressure rate.

As our Density (Consistency) has no moving parts, it is reliable and virtually maintenance free.

Main Applications

Main Applications List

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Main Applications List
Wastewater Industry Raw sludge, excess sludge, mixed sludge, digested sludge, dehydrated sludge
Paper pulp Industry Consistency measurement of L-Material (broad-leaved tree-hardwood)/N Material (needle-leaved tree)/hemp pulp, GP (groundwood pulp)/TMP (Thermomechanical pulp)/DIP (deinkling pulp), bleached pulp/unbleached pulp, waste paper, various addictives, pulp sludge, etc.
Building material Industry Consistency measurement in various production processes such as press material and ceiling materiai
Food Industry Consistency measurement in the production processes such as starch, gluten, sugar, evaporated juice and other food slurry
Moisture measurement in water such as cream cheese and evaporated juice

Comparison with the Other Technology

Comparison with the Other Technology List

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Comparison with the Other Technology List
Measuring method Microwave Ultrasonic Distribution Ultrasonic Pressure Antifoamer Rotary Blade Optic
Measuring principle Microwave Phase Shift Ultrasonic Attenuation Pressure Antifoam Ultrasonic Attenuation Rotary torque Shear Stress Scattering Light Strength
No-affection by adhesion
Continuous measuring (Inline)
Measuring range Middle to high Middle Middle to high Middle to high Middle to high Middle to high
Moving part No No Yes Yes Yes Yes